The Session

I have a child of my own so I know that photo sessions can be stressful when kids feel they’re done after 5 minutes. But honestly, it’s after those 5 minutes have passed, when they finally relax and lose the ‘cheese smile’, that their inner personalities begin to reveal themselves. I’ve got plenty of ideas to keep them interested, including making them my assistant!


Good clothing can greatly enhance a photo. That said, I offer to you my collection of children’s clothing to pick and choose from if you’d rather not assemble their clothing yourselves. Otherwise, I encourage you to choose pieces with timeless and classic appeal and some fun accessories like boots or hats. Bring one or two extra outfits if you like. You may want to take advantage of a pre-session consultation if the clothing concerns you. I’ve developed an eye for styling over the years.

After the Session

It takes up to two weeks to process your images for showing. I will choose 10-20 of the strongest images from the shoot. Applying photoshop techniques, I’ll give each one a delightful, fresh and artistic look. My goal is to create portraits that are not only loved and cherished by friends and family, but to create works of art that make complete strangers stop and admire! I appreciate your patience during this processing time.