One of my specialties is capturing the essence of children with special needs through photography. I have the unique skills and sensitivity to capture their unique personalities and take pictures you can hold dear to your heart for years to come.

Having professional photographs of their child means as much to the parents of special needs children as it does to the parents of any other child. But typically, parents do not display photographs of their child because they’ve found that many photographers won’t have the skills, sensitivity, knowledge or interest to consider this endeavor.

Even though a child may have disabilities, wonderful photographs can be creatively and artistically produced to show a child’s natural beauty. With that in mind, any positive experiences of ‘self ‘ can be of great value to the children; and framed portraits hanging in the home, showing how the the child has grown and changed over the years, are invaluable.

Each child, by his or her actions, will direct me during the photoshoot. My goals are to show the child experiencing life as he or she knows it, to capture more than just smiles, and to ultimately reach the spirit inside.